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Happy birthday World!

NOTE: The deadline has now passed for submitting your name to be published in the AJN. However, you can still submit your name up until Yom Kippur and we will aim to include it in a digital copy of the Birthday Card to the World that we make available on the JCN website in the coming weeks.

Rosh Hashana is just around the corner - the day on which we say:

'Today the world is born'

הַיּוֹם הֲרַת עוֹלָם - hayom harat olam

It's been a tough year for the World on many fronts. The recent historic IPCC report on global warming confirms stronger than ever that if immediate action is not taken to reduce emissions quickly, global warming will reach existentially-dangerous levels.

Without action, the impact on our communities, economy, jobs, natural landscapes and ecosystems would be extremely severe. The impact on the Jewish community would be widespread: more frequent and unbearably hot days; our coasts impacted by sea-level rise; more intense and frequent bushfires and smoke impacting us and our families. And the secondary impacts of all of that on our Jewish and communal life.

So this year for Rosh Hashana we are giving the World a small gift - a public, heartfelt birthday card. To say loudly and clearly that we're not giving up. That we are inspired by the Jewish imperative to be custodians of the world, not just for us but for our kids and grandkids. That our history of resilience, fortitude and creativity holds us in good stead to do something about this.

Will you add your name to the card?

Generously backed by the Trawalla Foundation and James & Leo Ostroburski Foundation, we have a double-page spread reserved in the Australian Jewish News (AJN), in both the Melbourne and Sydney editions, for the week before Rosh Hashana. We will publish the birthday card (see text below) signed by every single one of you.

Why will my name matter?

The AJN is a significant publication in the Jewish community and it shapes and informs many community attitudes. Community leaders, decision-makers and politicians read and take notice of what's said in it; so too thousands of community members. Every extra name that is added to the card, magnifies its power and sends a clear message that we expect and support our leaders to rapidly accelerate the transition to zero emissions. All at a time when, on Rosh Hashana, we celebrate the birth of the World and every living thing.

Deadline for submitting your name: 5pm, 23 August 

*If you have a title (e.g. Rabbi, Dr, Prof ) or post-nominal (e.g. AM, OAM) please add it to the "First Name" or "Last Name" box where relevant

Once you've signed the card, ask your friends, family, organisation, shule, school to sign as well!