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Call your candidates because if not now, when?

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Our Jewishness and humanity has always called on us to leave the world better than we found it.


Step 1

Think about why you're calling. There might be a federal policy that you're wanting to see in action, or you might just want to share that you're from the Jewish community, and strong climate policy is important to you. We have lots of tips and talking points below - pick one that you'd like to raise!

Step 2

Get your phone ready. Once you click "make the call" your phone will automatically ring! After a short message of encouragement from Joel, you'll be automatically patched through to the candidates in your electorate, one at a time. If you want to speak to all of them, then stay on the line and you'll be put through to the next one. You can hang up to end the call at any time.

You're likely to speak to a staffer, or leave a message. That's great! To make the most of this call, ask them to please make a note of your call and pass it on to the candidate. When you do that, they will ask you for your name and maybe your postcode.

Step 3

Once you've taken action, let us know how it went! Your experience will help others to have productive conversations.

Step 4

Feel proud - Shkoyach! You're part of a clear Australian Jewish voice calling for climate solutions.


Specific Federal policies you can promote if you would like:

  1. 100% renewable electricity by 2030 + renewable energy exports - from sun, wind and other renewable power and storage. No new coal or gas projects or the expansion of existing ones. Accelerate clean energy industries for export to the rest of the world.

  2. An electric transport plan - A national plan for transitioning all cars, trains and buses in Australia to electric vehicles. Plus the infrastructure and incentives to make that happen as fast as possible.

  3. An electric buildings plan - A national plan to achieve 100% electric residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Australia. This will slash our emissions when buildings source all their power from renewables.

  4. A plan for protecting forests and trees - A national plan that protects all of Australia’s old-growth forests and key carbon-sucking ecosystems.

The Million Jobs Plan (prepared by Beyond Zero Emissions), shows how in just five years, renewables and low emissions projects can deliver 1.8 million new jobs across Australia.

Want even more detail?

  • We must slash emissions by >50% this decade to restore a stable environment for us and the next generation. We are not on track.

  • The solutions and technology are ready. We need political decision-makers to step up.

  • But they won't do it unless we ask for and support them to do it. Every voice counts.
  • We have all the cheap, clean technology needed to run this country on 100% renewables way faster than our current path - we can also export it to other nations to help them reach zero emissions.

  • Our political allies have set far more ambitious emissions-reduction targets than us - we risk being left behind.

  • Federal politicians can unlock the money, laws and incentives we need to accelerate progress.

  • Expert agencies have told us we don’t need any new coal or gas - The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) confirms this. We need to do everything we can to prepare our electricity grid to receive 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.

  • Climate impacts are increasing… Bushfires, heatwaves and natural disasters of all kinds - in Aus and the world over - are more frequent, intense and prolonged. 

Hot tips about tone

  • Be direct, but respectful - Candidates are people. And people tend to get defensive if attacked or insulted. Choose direct encouragement over vitriol. Put aside differences for the sake of our future.

  • It can be powerful to add: "I have always voted for you/[X] party" or "I'm considering voting for you" (if this is true for you). This sentiment shows that you don't represent a fringe voice, but a mainstream part of their voter base.

"If not now, when?” 

- Hillel the Elder