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Joel Lazar | CEO

We are delighted to announce the appointment of the Jewish Climate Network’s inaugural Chief Executive Officer, Joel Lazar.

Joel will start on 12th October as he wraps up his role as Head of Operations at The Man Cave, a Melbourne-based nonprofit that empowers boys to become great men by providing them and their communities with impactful programs, role models and resources.  

We are thrilled to have Joel bringing his energy, superb communication skills, and organisational nous to the Jewish Climate Network. Joel is a powerful storyteller, incisive problem-solver, voracious inquirer, thoughtful collaborator, strategic thinker and passionate mentor. With diverse passions and skills, Joel has worked as an educational program designer and project manager (Stand Up), a youth leader and facilitator (Hineni Youth & Welfare), a human rights law intern (ISHR, Geneva) and a scriptwriter (Castan Centre for Human Rights Law). Joel is committed to bringing the best out of everyone he works with to make a real impact tackling the climate crisis.

Joel’s passion for Judaism and the Jewish community runs deep. He attended Leibler Yavneh College, lived in Israel for four years (including an Aliya stint with his family), studied in various yeshivot, and has held various leadership roles in Jewish youth movements and synagogues. His commitment to social justice in a Jewish context culminated in him receiving the Ron Castan Young Humanitarian Award in 2019.

With his background in commercial law and a range of community organisations, and his passionate belief that the Australian Jewish community can take a lead role on climate action, Joel is well placed to lead our organisation into the future.