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Zero emissions is a term that refers to the process of avoiding and no longer producing the heat-trapping gases (e.g. C02 and methane) that are produced in the daily activities of our homes, organisations or businesses. They are produced from the electricity we use, the hot water we consume, the vehicles we drive, the food waste we dispose of and more. For the Jewish community, reaching zero emissions would include: switching to renewable energy, installing solar, electrifying our homes, organisations and businesses, reducing or sustainably processing food waste, and switching to electric vehicles. This is not an exhaustive list and each household, organisation or business journey will look a little different.

There are some emissions that are out of our control, or cannot be dealt with until later in the journey (e.g. the fuel emissions from necessary air travel).  Reaching ‘net’ zero emissions involves ‘offsetting’ those hard-to-abate gases, by supporting nature-based solutions and technologies that draw down those emissions from the atmosphere. 

Our tradition calls on each of us – individually and collectively – to leave the world better than we found it; to create the conditions for a healthy and prosperous future for the next generation. Leading by example - reducing our household, organisational and business emissions to zero - demonstrates that commitment.

Despite some of the worst oppression, the Australian Jewish community has made lasting contributions to our greatest social challenges. Our community is creative, educated, resilient and organised.  We can be a leading force for action in Australia, united around this great common purpose, inspiring other communities and national leaders to do the same.

Our partners have been chosen to help remove as much friction as possible when navigating the journey to zero emissions.

Our partners were chosen as they had excellent reputations for quality, service and value. Where a partner works with particular suppliers, they have internal processes that include credit and background checks that review quality of work, a high level accreditation, and robust references from customers. We are constantly reviewing our partnerships and are open to expanding them if they align with our project goals. If you are looking to become a partner please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch.

If you are looking for solutions for a private household, click “I am an individual” on the page above to find your available actions. You should look to implement whatever zero emissions changes are there. Where you feel financing is a barrier, click “finance” above to discover how our financing partners can remove that barrier for you. All of the available actions are important steps along the journey.

If you are looking for solutions for an organisation or businesses, click “I am an organisation” above to see what is available. Many of the solutions are the same as for individual households, save for ‘tracking your emissions’. We also encourage organisations and businesses to get in touch with our Zero Emissions Project Coordinator, Josh Blode at: [email protected] to discuss the leadership and education opportunities JCN can provide your team and stakeholders as part of your zero emissions journey.

While the up-front costs of many changes can be hefty, in many cases the savings secured will more than pay off over time. So how do you cover the up-front costs?

For individuals, click “finance” above to discover how Brighte, our household financing partner, can remove that barrier for you. If you are from a low-income household, Jewish Care Victoria’s Empower Interest Free Loan program can provide up to $15,000 to assist those who meet their criteria.

For businesses and organisations, click “finance” above to discover how EnergyEase, our organisational financing partner, can remove that barrier for you.