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Thursday November 17th - Implementing Sustainability in Startups. Register for tickets here

The evidence is there — climate initiatives in business aren’t just ‘nice-to-have’, they’re key.

Consumer expectations around sustainability are increasing, and now more than ever, startups and VCs need to implement climate-conscious strategies and processes to keep up.

The majority of global consumers are changing their consumption habits to reduce their negative impact on the environment. And businesses face growing risks of consumer activism, public backlash, boycotts and petitions, resulting in abandoned projects and market or product retractions. 

But for startups with competing priorities — creating a great product, thriving company cultures, fundraising and more — planning for sustainability tends to take a back seat. But what if we told you that there are ways you can fast track your sustainability efforts?

Join us as we dig deeper into the hows, whys and whats of climate action for startups with Eytan Lenko (CEO of Boundless and Chair of JCN), Joel Hanna (Sustainability Lead at Xero) and Emma Jenkin (Investment Director at Kilara Capital).

This session will cover:

  • practical ways to action climate-forward processes in your biz;
  • how community and business leaders can exercise climate leadership; and
  • methods for sustained impact as your business scales.


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