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Episode 3

Our guest this week is the wonderful Shoshana Gottlieb. She is a writer, thinker, educator and the brains behind the instagram page: Jewish Memes Only. 

If you have instagram and you’re not following her, do yourself a favour. She's got a steady stream of white-hot memes that will measurably improve your day.

We had a blast making this episode - we hope you enjoy!

  • Jewish memes only
  • Midrash reference -
  • Pardes Institute, where Shoshana studied
  • What's a Dybbuk?
  • On needing to be reminded of the right course of action again and again, found in the Introduction to Mesilat Yesharim
  • On the Inner Spark found in all living beings referred to in the Tanya, a foundational text from Hasidic philosophy:
    • “Hashem gives it the physical world existence and animates it by
      the vitality and light which He causes to flow and shine forth unto it— a
      light that is clothed, hidden and concealed within the numerous and
      powerful garments, which hide and screen the light and vitality, so that
      no light or vitality whatever is visibly revealed, but only corporeal and
      physical things that appear lifeless. Yet they contain light and vitality
      which constantly give them existence ex nihilo, that they shall not revert
      and become nothing and nought as they had been.”