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About Us

The Jewish Climate Network (JCN) was established in 2019 with the aim of catalysing the Jewish community to support and strongly advocate for action on climate change. 

We are parents, teachers, doctors, rabbis, philanthropists, business owners – people from across the spectrum of the community who are deeply concerned about climate change, and the risk it poses to the health, well-being and security of our children and our community. We are also excited about the benefits and opportunities of embracing clean energy and low emission technologies, and the role our community can play in bringing that future to fruition.

JCN is an initiative of the Jewish Ecological Coalition (JECO). JECO was established in 2003 to deepen Jewish commitment to sustainability and to work with individuals and organisations to prevent and repair environmental damage.

Our vision

Motivated by Jewish tradition, our vision is for a stable and safe climate that supports the flourishing of human life and community.

Our mission

To harness the capabilities and talent of the Australian Jewish community to accelerate the transition to a zero-emissions world.